CCTV Camera Installations

A burglar hiding from a cctv cameraRevival Private Investigation Corp. is the only company in Miami that provides CCTV Camera Installations and Private Investigations.

Revival P.I. consists of highly experienced professional technicians with over 15 years of industry experience. We offer innovative and cost effective security systems for homes and businesses.  We are committed to providing you with the highest quality CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) products and services.  Our camera installations does not have any contracts or monthly payments.  We also include monitoring your cameras from any smartphone at no additional cost.

Control your assets by keeping a watchful eye at anytime and from anywhere. When you choose a security package from Revival P.I., we promise to provide you with premier protection and exceptional customer service.  Our mission is to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations by providing state-of–the-art security systems at an affordable cost.  Rest assured, one of our consultants will provide you with an onsite visit that will follow with a comprehensive consultation report, proposal, floor plan and budgeted estimation.

Cameras have become a proven tool for increasing security and helping prevent losses due to vandalism, theft, burglary and robbery.  If you are concerned about anything suspicious with a love one, family member, employees, nannies, etc, at Revival P.I. we specialize in installing covert cameras (hidden cameras) with live recording at a very affordable cost.

We are the only company in the state of Florida that provides 18 month warranty in equipments and installations. We guarantee 100% every project we perform.

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